SFV Tutorial

SFV Tutorial illusrtation

Capcom has uploaded a demo video for the tutorial mode of Street Fighter V. It features voiced lines and illustrations that convey a short story – one that features Ryu as he continues to pursue meaning in fighting. His master Gouken admonishes his aimless searching, and after that Ryu tries to take Gouken’s lessons to heart by having his friend Ken help him train. Which is where the tutorial kicks in!

With the arrival of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-‘s tutorials, we’re in a new age for fighting game tutorials. Since the systems of fighting games are often quite complex, learning the ins and outs of the games can seem quite impenetrable for the person who wants to transition from button masher to a player who acts with a little more intention. As Street Fighter V hopes to court new players and help lead the way in the world of fighting game eSports, tutorials will be a way to bridge the gap between the inexperienced and the experienced. Even if you don’t come out of the tutorial ready to take on the world (which rarely happens anyway,) concepts covered in tutorials can help spark helpful discussion.

The English version of the demo video was uploaded to the English official Street Fighter YouTube account. Check out the video below! Anybody notice that Ryu and Ken are in their Street Fighter Alpha-era outfits?

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