Nep vs Sega Featured

Despite the concerns about the Vita supposedly being dead, thanks in large part due to the lack of AAA games headed to the system, more and more fantastic games keep getting announced for it. While it’s true many are indie games with smaller studios, IFI and Compile Heart have proven their dedication to the system with a host of great titles, the latest of which is a new crossover game – Hyperdimension Neptunia vs Sega Hard Girls: Dream Fusion Special. That title sure is a mouthful.

While not much is known about the game as of yet, it looks to be more RPG goodness set in the Neptunia universe, with some 3D environment exploration thrown in for good measure. The goddesses of Compile Heart are joined by sister goddesses based on Sega consoles. Looks to be a fun and crazy match up, as always. Hyperdimension Neptunia vs Sega Hard Girls is slated to release in Japan as of November 26th. Take a gander at the newest trailer and just think how lucky Japan is to get this one first!


Josh Speer
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