Splatoon - Nintendo Direct

During the Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo announced some interesting new updates coming to Splatoon.

There will be two new stages added. One is Museum d’Alfonsino, featuring revolving platforms, which give you a chance to get a better angle at your targets, while giving your opponents a better angle at you. The museum features many pieces of art from the land of the inklings. This stage will be made available in an update tomorrow at 6:00 pm PST. The other stage is Mahi-Mahi Resort. This stage is a your typical resort, with plenty of water-filled areas that your inklings won’t like. However, toward the end of the match, the water level lowers, revealing more territory for you to cover.

Splatoon - Museum d'Alfonsino Splatoon - Mahi-Mahi Resort

There will also be over 40 pieces of gear added to the game, including winter-themed gear and bandannas. This will be added in an update tonight at 5:00 pm PST.

Nintendo promises to continue updating Splatoon through at least January with new stages, gear and adjustments to the gameplay balance. All these additions will be free, as they have been since the game was launched.

Splatoon - Nintnedo Treehouse Splatournament

To cap off the Splatoon segment of the Direct, they announced a Nintendo Treehouse Splatournament that will be broadcast live on the Nintendo Twitch and YouTube channels. This tournament will exclusively feature Treehouse members and will be used as a testing ground for rules in other official Splatoon tournaments. They’ll also show you how to set up your own tournament, either locally or online.

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