Life is Strange - Limited Edition | oprainfall

Fans of Square Enix’s episodic digital title Life Is Strange can rejoice (or weep, depending on the state of your wallet) with the announcement of Life Is Strange Limited Edition for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

This physical edition of the game will include all five episodes of the game. In addition, Life Is Strange Limited Edition will come packaged with a brand-new 32-page artbook, a 22-track CD of the full soundtrack and score, and a directors’ commentary. Luc Baghadoust, the game’s producer, said “The response to Life is Strange really has blown us away! To be able to share that experience with our fans in a traditional boxed format is something we’re really excited about and the decision to include the extra items for the Limited Edition is a direct response to fan requests.”

Life Is Strange Limited Edition will hit shelves on January 19 in North America, with a European release following on January 22.


Ben Hafen
Ben is a 20-year-old college student who joined the Operation Rainfall crew in 2015. Amongst his hobbies are writing stories, singing, raging against post-game bosses in Etrian Odyssey Untold, and biking everywhere in the hopes of hatching a shiny Carbink.