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Title Superbeat XONiC
Developer Nurijoy
Publisher PM Studios, Acttil
Release Date November 10th, 2015
Genre Rhythm
Platform Playstation Vita
Age Rating T for Teen – Lyrics, Mild Blood, Suggestive Themes
Official Website

In the age of dark and muddled games, the lack of color can be an eyesore for modern times. PM Studios, Nurijoy, and Acttil have teamed up together to bring an array of various musical tunes together for one big rhythm competition. Does this tune have a Superbeat or does it miss out on the beat?

Superbeat Xonic | Stage Clear

Superbeat Xonic brings rhythm gameplay on the go. Various songs in a variety of genres are available to play. While the songs won’t be instantly recognizable tunes, they are upbeat and catchy in their own way. There is Pop, R&B, Metal, Rock, Electronic, and Indie music. The tunes vary as they come from different parts of the world. Some songs will have English lyrics, others will have Japanese or Korean lyrics.

Superbeat Xonic | Level Up

Superbeat Xonic’s variety in music is one of its strongest points. By using either the touch controls or by using traditional button controls, players will be able to play to the rhythm of various songs by timing button taps and analog stick movements. I tried out both control schemes and my preference was the traditional controls. The controls make use of your fingers on both hands quite well. The controls are mapped out so it is possible to hit the top, middle, and bottom sections of the field. Graphically, the game is very colorful and bright. Its visually appealing, but not too distracting, which is a great choice for this genre.

Superbeat Xonic | Music Select

The modes themselves are basic. There is a World Tour mode and a Stage mode. Stage mode consists of 4 trax, 6 trax, 6 trax FX, and Freestyle. The three trax modes are divided into the difficulties of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The goal is to get through three songs. Each round will contain a selection of 4 to 6 tracks to choose from ranging in various difficulties. Playing through the songs for the best score is the main goal. Freestyle is a great option for a quick plat session and allows for any song. World Tour is the single player campaign. The goal is to clear various missions in different clubs. Playing both modes will unlock various icons and new content through an RPG style experience system. By performing well in these two modes, new songs and content will be unlocked such as icons for your DJ profile and various beats to use as the key tune. This will bring plenty of incentive to players who are looking to invest more time into the game.

Superbeat Xonic | Combo

As for the game, it starts out pretty easy, but can be brutally difficult. It will take some time to master the controls. Later songs will require precise taps with both hands. For those who are wanting to complete the game, be prepared for long grueling sessions. Leaderboards have become a common staple to games and Superbeat Xonic offers an online DJ ranking leaderboard. Check it out to compare your scores to other scores from around the world.

Superbeat Xonic | Gameplay

Superbeat Xonic is a pretty basic package, but it includes enough modes for people to try out. The game can get challenging at times and it will take time to master the controls whether you use the touch or traditional controls. Casual players are not going to enjoy this outing as much, but hardcore fans of rhythm genre will find plenty of content to enjoy on the go. Overall a good package for $39.99, sure to keep Vita fans coming back for more.

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