Blazblue CF Ragna Azure
Blazblue Central Fiction Character Select
Credit for this article’s images go to the Famitsu writeup linked below

Arc System Works unveiled Blazblue: Central Fiction earlier this summer. The title seems to be bringing some of the story elements of Blazblue to a climax, closing out longtime protagonist Ragna the Bloodedge’s role as story lead and tying up his loose ends. This title also unveiled new characters Hibki Kohaku and Naoto Kurogane, the latter of which may end up taking the role of series protagonist in Ragna’s stead. Both of these two characters seem to embody certain visual tropes associated with leading rivals in Arc System Works games (Sol Vs Ky, Ragna Vs Jin, aggressive red against a composed blue.)

In a recent livestream, Blazblue producer Toshimichi Mori announced that Central Fiction will hit Japanese arcades on the 19th of this month. Console releases are sure to follow, especially with this game being an important entry in the series. Check out the opening movie for the arcade version below. As usual with Arc System Works fighters we should also expect new characters, new opening movies, and other iterations within Blazblue: Central Fiction. What will the story of Blazblue look like with these new lead characters, and with the other new characters that are sure to come in the future?


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