Fans of Dead Nation, rejoice! Housemarque has finally revealed more details for their upcoming game, Alienation. Like Dead Nation, this game is a dual-stick shooter that places emphasis on arcade-style gameplay with friends. Up to this point, details about the game have been scattered, at best. However, two videos were released for the Paris Game Week 2015 press conference. In addition to these, Housemarque also published an article discussing the innovations that they’ve added to the experience since Dead Nation.

The developers boast a focus on the technology that they are using for the game. Housemarque comments that “… not only we’re doubling down on tech, enemy numbers and destruction, but we’re also focusing our efforts on two more things: online co-op and loot.” The game is completely playable in single player, as was its predecessor. However, Alienation offers online cooperative gameplay for up to four players, who may choose from three different classes: Bio-specialist, exoskeleton, or saboteur.

Along with this, the developers are also testing the waters with a loot system. This involves multiple types of resources and an XP system which allows more complex abilities or talents to be used on the enemy. Lastly, with these announcements, Housemarque’s Head of Publishing Mikael Haveri has created a video in which he discusses various technical enhancements that they were able to develop.

There is currently no release date set for this game, although the developers assure us that the game is nearing completion. Alienation is being developed for the PlayStation 4.


Justin Kersey
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