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According a survey posted on NeoGAF that a select few received. Sony could be gearing up to announce some big updates for the PlayStation 4. The survey included tabs for Folders and Notifications, but the most exciting ones were the PlayStation One Classics and PlayStation 2 Classics along with the possible ability to change your PSN ID. The latter being of great use to sk8terboi420 who is stuck with a mistake he made at age 16.

Sony PlayStation 4 Update - Survey

All the options in the survey are as follows:

  • Notifications when friends come online
  • PS2 classics
  • Folders
  • PS1 classics
  • ‘Appear offline’ mode
  • Hide / completely remove items from library (e.g. demos)
  • Delete items from your library
  • Filtering options in game libraries (e.g. installed only, download only, genre)
  • Download avatars on PS4
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Store wish list
  • Increase max no. of people in a party
  • Change PSN ID

Every option in the survey seems to be in need, but this is possibly just a way to time manage the most wanted areas of the system’s improvement. The fact that Sony is addressing that they know what PlayStation 4 owners are asking for is a step in the right direction. PlayStation 4 just added Update 3.10 so this possible 4.0 update will most likely not be seen till next year.

How do you feel about these possible changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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