Konami - Bomberman iOS

Bomberman has been on hiatus for a long time now. The last main entry, Bomberman Live: Battle Fest, was released in 2010 for Xbox Live Arcade. Konami has heard your feedback and is finally going to release a new Bomberman game…….for mobile platforms. The new game is Taisen! Bomberman and it will be released for both iOS and Android platforms this winter in Japan. There will be cross-platform multiplayer to satisfy any cravings for Bomberman on the go and a single player mode with 100 stages to traverse and play. All of the iconic powerups are set to return once again. There is no word yet if an international could happen down the road.

Are you happy there is a new game coming out for the Bomberman franchise? Are you happy to see the next entry come to mobile platforms or do you wish the game was made for consoles? Share us your thoughts and reactions to Konami finally releasing a new game for one of Hudson Soft’s old IPs.

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