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Hey guys, I’m a little late on this, but I wanted to share this with you — it’s about a new VN Kickstarter project from b2g Studio called Unlight Lost Plot, based on the popular Facebook game Unlight. I thought you guys might find it interesting. Please take a look and see if it appeals to you. And as always, be aware of the risks and challenges when backing a project like this.


LOS ANGELES, CA., OCTOBER 20, 2015 –b2g Studio is thrilled to announce its first KickStarter project which aims to bring a compelling Visual Novel game, Unlight Lost Plot, to users of both iOS and Android devices!

b2g Studio was established in September 2015 to offer more highly demanded, Japanese products to the fans around the globe. We’re closing in on the 5thanniversary of the launch of Unlight, and b2g’s aim is to bring a spectacular new experience from the world of Unlight to the fans. In its inaugural KickStarter project, b2g will be working hand in hand with the developer, Techway, in gathering fans of Unlight (a card-battle game on Facebook which currently boasts over 200 million registered users worldwide) to ask for support in creating a visual novel game about the untold story of three characters from Unlight. The KickStarter goal that needs to be met in order for this game to happen is $20,000, and, if the stretch goals reached, more characters will be added!

One of the biggest appeals of Unlight is its fascinating story, and the story told in Unlight Lost Plot is one that that fans have speculated and rumored about for years. It’s due to the passion of the fans that b2g studio decided to work with Techway to create this KickStarter project and bring Unlight Lost Plot to life with the support of the fans!

The KickStarter page is now live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/688648305/unlight-lost-plot There are several, fantastic rewards for fans who pledge! When the first goal is achieved, the Unlight Lost Plot visual novel game will be scheduled to release in April, 2016.

Techway and b2g studios would deeply appreciate support of the fans in this Kick Starter project. This is a story that needs to be brought to life!

About Unlight on Facebook

Unlight is a simple, free-to-play game by Techway. Their service started via Yahoo! Mobagein October 2010. This story-oriented, battle-training card game has currently been translated and distributed into Chinese, Korean, French, Thai, and English and boasts 200 million registered users worldwide. There are over 60 character cards, with modes such as Duel Mode (vs. Players), Quest Mode (vs. CPUs), and Raid Mode for events (vs. Bosses). Players construct decks based on 1~3 character cards, and participate in a card battle up to 18 turns long. One of the charms of the game is learning the story of events within characters’ lifetimes through obtaining Rare Cards in battle.

b2g studio, Inc. Established in September 2015 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, b2g studio is a publishing company whose mission is to bring distinguished Japanese products of the highest caliber to a global audience. Hence, b2g: Bridge to Global.

The company offers services to help Japanese companies and reach their customers by providing a one-stop shop of streamlined publishing services; localization, production, manufacturing, and marketing needs can all be met by the quality services b2g studio is equipped to provide.

URL: www.b2gstudio.com

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