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On the official website for Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (Genei Ibun Roku #FE in Japan), two new character trailers have been posted.  The characters in question are Mamori Minamoto and Barry Goodman (there can never be enough characters named Barry in video games.)  Mamori is a demure, old fashioned girl to say the least, preferring much more traditional fashions and entertainment than her peers but in Mirage form she flips the script, wearing golden armor and wielding an ax as big as she is.  Barry Goodman is an anime fan that wears his otaku badge proudly on his shirt,which bears the logo of his current favorite show “Dia Witch Iroha”. He’s older than most of the cast so there might be a bit of arrested development going on here, but even weirder is that he considers Mamori ideally angelic. As for the exact nature of their relationship and how a Japanese high school girl and an American anime fanboy even know each other, I guess we’ll just have to play the game and find out for ourselves. Barry’s admiration for Mamori certainly explains why these two were revealed together, however.

At any rate, here are the trailers.  Enjoy!



The website also posted some news about a few of the new systems that players can use in the game, such as the shop and inventory interface, the ability to receive messages on your (in game) mobile device from other characters as you play and something called ‘Embodiment of Expressiveness’, which might be an interactive element that players can take advantage of during cutscenes (or could just be a purely narrative device to explain why some of these conflicts are occurring.) To wit, people exude a type of energy generated by enthusiasm called ‘Performa’ that Mirages desire because it doesn’t exist in their world and has great value to them. It’s said that celebrities in the entertainment industry exude huge amounts of ‘Performa’, making them ideal targets for the otherworldly menaces. How this will apply to the game play is unclear, but it at least explains why some people are at constant risk. Here’s a short video demonstrating ways in which the game’s characters express their ‘Performa’. Dig the awesome remix of the title track from Fire Emblem: Awakening during this conversation.  Soundtrack?  DO WANT!

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, or Genei Ibun Roku #FE if you’re on the far side of the pond we in the west call the Pacific Ocean, will be available for the Nintendo Wii U on December 26, 2015 in Japan. It is developed jointly by Atlus and Intelligent Systems and will be published by Nintendo. The game is confirmed for a western launch some time in 2016.



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