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COLOPL NI, Inc. and gumi Inc. have announced the global release of Colopl Rune Story today on both Android and iOS. The game is based on a chart-topping mobile action RPG in Japan called White Cat Project. Colopl Rune Story is a re-imaging of the original game for western audiences. The game sees you setting out on a story-driven adventure with RPG mechanics as well as resource management and city building. Throughout your journey, you must use a mystical rune compass to discover magical ancient runes. These ancient runes fell from the sky hundreds of years ago. You can recruit and train more than 200 different characters and join forces with other players. Building your town is very important to raising a good army, as this is where you farm the resources you need for upgrading equipment. Good equipment is a must if you want to build a successful army.

You can download the game for free on Android as well as iPhone, iPod, and iPad Touch:

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Lastly, below is a trailer and some additional information from the press release for you to look at.


Key features of Colopl Rune Story include:

  • Over 1,000 Story Quests: Journey through 11 flying islands with hours of gameplay and a narrative told through full-motion cut-scenes reminiscent of Japanese RPG classics.
  • Over 200 characters to play: Unlock fighters from an extensive roster with thousands of weapon combinations within six classes—Fencer, Lancer, Warrior, Brawler, Sniper, and Mage.
  • Real-time co-op missions and guild system: Meet other adventurers online viaColopl Rune Story’s robust multiplayer system to form guilds, perform magnificent combo attacks to slay epic bosses, and gain Guild   Points from competing co-op quests to earn special rewards.
  • Real-time city living: Assume the role of mayor to build a town from which to harvest food and supplies, maintain training centers to level up the fighters, and forge weapons.
    “After the monumental success of White Cat Project in Asia, we sought to create a newly evolved version of that experience fit for the international market,” said Shohei Yoshioka, CEO of COLOPL NI, Inc. “By maintaining the one-thumb controls and building upon the character roster and online capabilities, we created Colopl Rune Story as a brand new adventure for mobile’s newest operating systems and devices.”

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