Update 3.10

The PlayStation 4 received a minor update today. Update 3.10 will let players follow profiles of pro gamers, game studios, and developers. These accounts are verified by Sony. Also, a new sticker has been added for use in the Messages app as well.

Followed users will have their activities and any streaming broadcasts show up on the What’s New page.

As of this writing though, actually finding these verified users is somewhat problematic. Communities, the recently created feature where players can create groups, doesn’t have any official groups for pro gamers, games, developers, or publishers. They’re all user created. Any particular game can have numerous groups associated to it. As such, these verified users doesn’t seem to have a place to be discovered. Sony probably left it up to the verified user to publicize their PSN username themselves.

Update 3.10 could be just the first step before Sony implements some kind of discoverability tool for verified users. Until then, users may have to ask the developer/pro gamer/company directly to find out what their PSN handle is, if they have any.

Karli Winata
Karli Winata is an avid gamer with a taste for a little bit of everything. Except for sports games. And racing sims. And definitely not hidden object games! I guess everything is too broad a term. Suffice it to say that he has been known to play hours of Call of Duty multiplayer in between bouts of Persona fusing and Star Coin collecting while saving the world/galaxy through sensibly bald space marines or plucky teenagers with impossible hairstyles. Where does he find the time to write about them?