XSEED Games has announced at their Fall preview press event that they will be localizing 2005’s Xanadu Next for the PC. The game had originally come West in 2005, but was only released on the Nokia’s N-Gage cell phone. Developed by Falcom Xanadu Next stays true to its medieval action RPG roots while being centered around a darker story compared to previous entries in the Xanadu series, which dates back to 1985.

If you’re wondering why Xanadu sounds so familiar, it could be because Tokyo Xanadu was just recently released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan. These are indeed two separate games and there is no word on Tokyo Xanadu coming West. XSEED is focusing on localizing and releasing just Xanadu Next right now, but sales and interest in the series will play a huge part on other titles making their way to West.

Xanadu Next will be coming to PC in 2015.

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