D3’s newest PlayStation Vita breast adventure dungeon crawler, Omega Labyrinth has received an update with more battle information, more screenshots, and a new character.


The new character is Rinne Kuon who is the founder of Anberyl Girls Academy. She is very strict and feared by the students who attend the academy which helped with gaining the nickname “beautiful witch”.

Omega Labyrinth has a range of weapons available each with different stregths and weaknesses. Players will be able to choose between Sword, Great Sword, Katana, Rod, Axe, Sickle, Lance, Saber, and possible others.

You will have the option to sing during battle using a “Mic” which you can buy at the in-game store. This item increase your accuracy to 100 percent.

Traps will be placed around dungeons which could be a bad..and a good thing. There are special fall down CGs that will be displayed when certain traps are triggered. There are also traps which will make your characters breasts smaller called “Tsurupeta Traps” meaning “smooth and flat”. So if you find items after falling into these traps you wont be able to play that Oppai Appraisals mini game where you have to rub the items between the character’s breasts.

Omega Labyrinth releases on November 19 in Japan for the PlayStation Vita

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