Cropped Monster Musume event promo image

Promo for Monster Musume event

A new main visual promoting the upcoming Monster Musume event, the Interspecies Exchange Party, on November 15 has been released via the series official twitter account.

The event sees the reunion of the anime series voice actors, including Junji Majima (Kurusu “Darling-kun” Kimihito), Yuu Kobayashi (Ms. Smith), Sora Amamiya (Miia), Ari Ozawa (Papi), Natsuki Aikawa (Contorea “Cerea” Shianus), Mayuka Nomura (Suu), Sakura Nakamura (Rachnera “Rachnee” Arachnera), Haruka Yamazaki (Meroune “Mero” Lorelei), Yurika Kubo (Tionishia “Tio”), Momo Asakura (Manako) Rei Mochizuki (Zombina) and Saori Onishi (Doppel).

The event will be held at Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya Public Hall. Priority tickets are available to everyone who bought the first home release of the anime on or before October 6. The event has special items available for purchase as well, such as some large microfiber towels. They can be seen on the event website, but keep in mind they’re NSFW.


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