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Publisher Degica has issued a press release concerning the release of the Kadokawa developed RPG Maker MV, due out on October 23, 2015, slated to launch for Windows and Mac OSX. With this easy to use developer’s tool, you can make classic style RPGs for an unprecedented number of platforms for this series, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and HTML5. This means that you’ll be able to develop RPG Maker games that take advantage of touch screen functionality for the first time ever.

Other features new to this entry include your choice of the classic ‘Front View’ battle mode (think Dragon Quest)that’s been a staple of RPG Maker or the highly requested and newly added ‘Side View’ that we see in a lot of the Final Fantasy games of old, a larger database that will support 2,000 items, which is twice as many as the previous entry, RPG Maker VX. Additionally, maps with three layers can now be drawn and a there is a higher screen resolution with a default setting of 816×624, meaning items are now 1.5 times larger. Lastly, there will be full English support with community and forums.

Degica has released a new trailer that gives us a good look at what we can expect out of RPG Maker MV.

Here are some new screenshots as well.

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Those who preorder will receive not only a 10% discount on the normal retail price of $79.99, but they’ll get two special packs that will help ambitious designers with realizing their dream projects.  The first is the Cover Art Characters Pack, which allows you to use the characters on the cover art for the game as the protagonists in your adventure, along with additional bonus materials to tweak the party makeup and get it just right. The second is the Essential Add-On Pack, which offers exclusive original music, tile set add-ons and a variety of character facial models to help bring the storytelling to life by offering a greater range of emotions.

RPG Maker MV is coming later this month to Steam and Mac OSX, published by Degica and developed by Kadokawa. You can preorder here and here.



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