Summon Night 5 Wallpaper art

Summon Night 5

A new gameplay demo for Summon Night 5 has recently been released for public viewing. It clocks at a lengthy 25 and a half minutes and offers a nice glimpse into what to expect from Summon Night 5. It’s an especially nice look at dialogue scenes; the moving character portraits and quirky personalities of the characters in the game’s writing are of note here. A preview of the battle system can also be seen a few minutes into the video. It should be stated that this gameplay video is using an older build of the game’s localization.

Summon Night 5’s English localization is heading to the PlayStation Portable later this year.

Summon Night 6 is set to release in Japan in the Spring of next year. While there are no official comments on the game’s localization status as of yet, the sixth game’s subtitle of “Lost Borders” has received a trademark filing in Europe. Bandai Namco has filed a trademark for “Rage Burst”, the subtitle of God Eater 2‘s expansion, and not localized the game that is being referenced before, though. It remains to be seen what if anything may come for franchises like both Summon Night and God Eater in the West. Here’s to hoping for turns of fortune and that Summon Night 5‘s localization is the start of something new for Summon Night‘s Western presence.

Check out the demo video below.

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