For the longest time now, many amiibo have gotten their rarity from being retailer exclusive. For example, in a situation that oddly paralleled that of his his own game, GameStop had exclusive rights to sell the Shulk amiibo in the US. Likewise Lucario and Greninja were under the domain of Toys “R” Us.

Recently though, listings for all of these amiibo have been seen in Best Buy systems. Some have taken this to mean that these particular amiibo will no longer be retailer exclusive. It’s all just speculation for now, but it is interesting to think about a world without amiibo exclusivity, isn’t it?


Colin Malone
Colin has been playing video games since he was very young and is a fan of several genres including RPG, strategy and platformers, among others. He graduated from Southwestern University with a degree in communications and currently writes for Wii U Daily, Operation Rainfall and Inspectioneering Magazine. His long term goal is nothing less than to become the Hunter S. Thompson of games journalism.