Xbox One owners will be able to rejoice and celebrate tonight. Microsoft officially announced on its news blog the end of microtransactions for Project Spark. The controversial practice will be phased out of the game in favor of a fully free model in order to encourage players to create their own content and to entice people to play the game. In an official statement, Microsoft had the following to stay regarding the change of direction:

Project Spark’s goal has always been to empower creativity. We’ve been an incubation engine for ideas from epic to artistic and we plan to continue doing so,” said Rahul Sandil, Head of Project Spark Acquisition/Engagement. “Project Spark inspires and empowers over 200,000 creators who have shared tens of millions of custom objects, behaviors and experiences. Every day we see anywhere between 300 and 400 new games being uploaded on our platform. Our support of these creators and our communications with them will continue in an open, free and collaborative environment.”

Any Project Spark digital content purchased on or after July 28th or any remaining tokens will be refunded to players with free Microsoft Store credit. Microsoft also announced an update will be released on October 5th. The update will include the removal of the in-game marketplace, revamped achievements, and hundreds of new assets to use in the game.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s decision to end microtransactions? Will this entice you to buy Project Spark for your Xbox One? or is this story irrelevant to you? Share us your thoughts below.


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