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The galaxy demands soup. They crave new and exciting flavors. For a select few entrepreneurs brave enough, this demand has created limitless opportunities. Soup companies are building factories all over the galaxy.

I work for one of these companies: SoupCo. We are a new company, but our valiant CEO is ambitious. He plans to corner the soup market on each planet in the galaxy.

The job is simple. In theory. I go down to the planet’s surface and build a factory. It starts simply enough with just a home office for power. From there, I build soup-making machines that process ingredients into soup. Then soup rockets ship the soup to the hungry customers. I can build corridors to expand my factories into the skies or underground.

Nom Nom Galaxy | Factory

I search both underground and on the surface for new ingredients. Some are harvested. Others are hunted. Sometimes it’s hard to find good ingredients near my factory. I can dig into the earth using my sawblade to search for mushrooms and underground plants. If I come across animals, I can punch them. Punching wildlife to death to get their ingredients is tedious. But it is rewarding work. It is odd, though. Most animal life resembles plant life. I think the scariest species I’ve come across are the vicious tomatoes.

Nom Nom Galaxy | Soup Recipe

Our rivals are treacherous. They will sometimes send aliens to attack our factories. In these cases, I need to prepare by putting defense towers on top of the factory. It’s as simple as building anything else. You just select the structure from a menu and indicate where you want it built. SoupCo has made factory construction simplicity in itself. All you need to do is reload when the towers run out of ammo. And I, too, can fight to defend my factory, as well. It mostly involves punching alien saucers until they fall down.

It’s not all work and toil. They give us music. It is the same underground as above ground as in the factory. Music… Music never changes. The music is OK, but not particularly memorable. It sets the mood for soup making, though. It all has an alien feel and doesn’t distract from making the soup.

All in all, for those who are brave enough to make soup, I would recommend this life. It is not a choice to make lightly, but if you feel you are ready, then for an easy payment of $9.99, you, too, can make soup. It is worth the price, in my opinion.

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Colin Malone
Colin has been playing video games since he was very young and is a fan of several genres including RPG, strategy and platformers, among others. He graduated from Southwestern University with a degree in communications and currently writes for Wii U Daily, Operation Rainfall and Inspectioneering Magazine. His long term goal is nothing less than to become the Hunter S. Thompson of games journalism.