Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition

Amazon has announced a new model of the Fire TV. Amazon’s Fire TV Gaming Edition will be released on October 5th. This particular model at least has a controller fit for a gaming device. So what else will be packaged with it? Amazon has confirmed there will be a 32 GB microSD card and it will come with two games already installed on the Gaming Edition model. The games included are Shovel Knight and Ducktales Remastered, which have already been released on other consoles and handheld devices. The other games shown off on their page have basically been released on other multiple platforms as well. Its a bit underwhelming with no exclusives to give us a reason to purchase the Fire TV, but the pack-in games are at least good quality titles. It could have been packaged with worse games in it. The Gaming Edition Fire TV can also stream music and tv shows through various apps just like the other Fire TV models.

If you are interested in purchasing this model of the Fire TV, it will cost $139.99. Do you think this will be a big seller or at best a novelty for fans of Amazon? Share us your thoughts on Amazon’s latest edition of the Fire TV.


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