PAX Prime 2015 | Minecraft Story Mode

You might recall from my PAX Prime adventures that I had a really good time playing Minecraft: Story Mode. It was utterly unexpected, a unique pairing of two completely different franchises that worked remarkably well. Thus it is with great excitement that I can announce that the digital and physical release dates have officially been announced today! For digital fans, it will be available a little earlier, as of October 13th. For those who must have physical goods, that version of the game will be available in North America as of October 27th. A quick note, European fans will have the physical version available a mere 3 days after the North American release. The initial release platforms are several, as it will be playable on PC and Mac via Steam and other services, iOS and Android devices, as well as PS3, PS4, XBox 360 and Xbox One. Fans of Vita and Wii U, don’t fret, as it is slated to release on those platforms sometime later on.

Minecraft Story Mode | Cartridges

For those interested in the physical version, the disc will be updated as subsequent episodes release. The initial episode is called The Order of the Stone, which will be the first of 5 episodes. You embark on a quest as either a male of female Jesse, searching for answers, justice and your lost pig Reuben. Jesse’s quest will take him to the Nether, the End and beyond. Best of all, the voice acting for Minecraft: Story Mode is superb, with such names as Patton Oswalt, Catherine Tamber, Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson, Scott Porter, Martha Plimpton, Dave Fennoy, Corey Feldman, Billy West, Paul Reubens and more.

Be sure to tune in to oprainfall in the coming weeks for further impressions on the released Minecraft: Story Mode. And tell your friends, since this all ages game is made for everyone to enjoy, and is rated E10+!

Josh Speer
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