Remember a few months back when we were all excited about a Miiverse stage in Smash Bros.? User generated taunts and randomness certainly sounded like a lot of fun, didn’t it? Well, if my experience with the game is any indication, most people played that level on their Wii U’s for all of a minute before becoming completely bored by it. Sure, the taunts written by players are always different, but the rest of the stage is mostly the same. If only there was a level that, by it’s very nature, was in a constant state of creative flux…

Smash Bros. | Mario Maker level
Oh, hi there!

Enter the announcement by Nintendo that, surprise surprise, we are getting a Super Mario Maker themed level in Smash near the end of the month. September 30th, to be exact. Better yet, unlike the Miiverse stage, this one is slated to come to both the Wii U and the 3DS. Those who want to get it for one system will only pay $2.49 for one or pay $3.49 for both. Pretty reasonable for what looks like a fantastic and crazy new stage. If it can somehow effectively capture the spirit of Super Mario Maker, I will be playing this level quite a bit. Supposedly this level will be a different experience every time you play. For more details, check out the links and trailer below, and let us know if you’re hyped or not in the comments section!


Josh Speer
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