The only thing better than good games is good, cheap games. And with the 20th Anniversary of the Sony PlayStation being on the 9th, many sales have shown up on PSN. Titles from many different consoles are available for up to 70% off, or 80% off if you have a PlayStation Plus account. Games on sale include:

Game Title Platform Original Price Sale Price PS Plus Price
Capcom Vs SNK 2 PS3 $9.99 $4.00 $3.00
Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded PS3 $9.99 $5.00 $4.00
Jak and Daxter Collection PS3 $19.99 $11.99 $9.99
Metal Slug 1 & 2 (sold separately) PS3 $8.99 $2.70 $1.80
Ikari III: The Rescue PS3/PSP $2.99 $0.90 $0.60
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver PS3/PSP $5.99 $2.40 $1.80
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee PS3/PSP/PS Vita $5.99 $.180 $1.20
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max PSP/PS Vita $9.99 $3.00 $2.00
Ys: The Oath in Felghana PSP/PS Vita $14.99 $7.50 $6.00


In all, the sale consists of over 100 titles, and this sale will last until September 14th. The full list can be found on the PlayStation website. So here’s to you Sony, with twenty enjoyable years of gaming and the hopes of many more to come. What games are you interested in?  Take a look! You may be surprised what you find on the list.


Justin Kersey
My name is Justin, and I graduated from Ball State University with a degree in history. The long tale of my love for gaming began when my dad brought a Super Nintendo to our house in the ancient year of 1992. I played Mario Paint, Super Mario World, and Donkey Kong Country in my early years. My love for games only grew when I got a Game Boy and Sega Genesis in the mid 90s. Before I knew it, I was in college watching youtubers like the Angry Video Game Nerd, applying my love of video games to my love for history. Soon, I began collecting as many video games as I could. My favorite genres are JRPGs, open-world survival games, and adventure games.