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Known as Raven in Korea, Netmarble has confirmed the re-titled Evilbane for release worldwide later this year. The game features RPG and multiplayer action mechanics, and will be available for mobile devices.


September 3, 2015 – SAN FRANCISCO – Netmarble US, Inc., the newly formed North American gaming branch of the leading South Korean mobile game publisher, Netmarble Games Corp. (“Netmarble”), today announced the #1 Korean mobile game, the action RPG known as ‘Raven’ in South Korea, will arrive for the worldwide market on iOS and Android later this year as Evilbane. The company also announced the new Evilbane website is live today, bringing players action-packed trailers and game information such as unique features, characters and story. Gamers can also sign up on the website for exclusive information on Evilbane features and upcoming events. The stunning new cinematic trailer can be viewed here:



Evilbane is a blockbuster action mobile RPG with epic content and stunning graphics created over three years of intense development. In the game, players can choose to explore the world as a balanced Human, fast-attacking Elf assassin or Vango berserker. The five game play modes include the epic Scenario mode, a 150-stage Adventure mode, Raid mode, 1v1 Arena mode and Guild multiplayer matches. With thousands of different items and equipment to collect and smooth virtual controls, Evilbane delivers a high quality, console-style experience for mobile devices.


Known as ‘Raven’ in the Korean market, Evilbane launched in Korea in March 2015 and within days dominated the #1 grossing spots on the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Evilbane is now one of the fastest-growing RPGs in Korea, boasting record high 1 million DAU (Daily Active Users) and 5 million downloads.


“We are excited to reveal Evilbane to the world through the game’s official homepage,” said Seungwon Lee, President of Overseas at Netmarble Games Corp. “Based onEvilbane‘s outstanding performance as the top mobile game in Korea and Netmarble’s commitment to quality global service, mobile gamers around the world have a new action RPG to look forward to playing when it launches later this year.”


The game is developed by Netmarble’s studios, NetmarbleST and NetmarbleNeo, and will be free-to-download with optional in game purchases. Visit http://evilbane.netmarble.com to learn more about Evilbane and to sign up to receive future updates.


About Netmarble Games Corporation

Netmarble Games Corp. strives to enrich people’s lives by providing great games to global audiences. Based in Seoul, Korea, Netmarble Games Corp. has produced some of the most successful mobile games such as Marvel Future Fight, Raven, Seven Knights, Everyone’s Marble, and Monster Taming. The company has more than 2,500 employees worldwide, numerous studios and consistently ranks as a top developer and publisher in Asia and globally. Netmarble Games Corp. has a strategic partnership with CJ E&M Corporation, Asia’s largest entertainment company, Tencent Holdings, Asia’s largest internet company, and NCsoft, a prominent MMO company, as company shareholders. The company is the largest shareholder to SGN, a leading casual game developer. More information can be found at www.netmarble.com.

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