Amazon Nintendo Digital Downloads Page has opened their new Nintendo Digital Downloads Page. It already as a fairly extensive collection of games available for both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U, including the soon to launch Super Mario Maker. This also includes a number of Virtual Console games as well. You can search specifically for only Wii U games or only 3DS games, or search by other criteria. The selection of games contains mostly first-party Nintendo titles such as Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8Hyrule Warriors, and Splatoon among many others.

As you browse this page, you will likely end up on the individual pages for various games. For games that are available on physical media like Wii U game discs or 3DS game cartridges, you have the option to order a physical copy of the game, or instead order a digital download code that will allow you to download the game in question from the Nintendo eShop (on the appropriate Nintendo system of course). Amazon’s Nintendo Digital Downloads page may not be as extensive as the Nintendo eShop itself, but it still has a fairly extensive selection of games available to browse already, and it will probably expand over time. Some games are cheaper if you get them digitally, while others may be the other way around. So you’ll want to pay attention to those prices as you browse the available games.

So in short, you can do your Nintendo eShop shopping on now if you already do a lot of shopping on their site. Just remember that for now it is mostly populated with first-party Nintendo games so you might have trouble finding third party titles on it for the time being. This will likely change over time as Amazon’s Nintendo Digital Downloads hub expands, though.




Michael Fontanini
Michael is a veteran gamer in his late 30s, who grew up around video games, with fond memories of the oldies like the NES, SNES, and N64 among others. He loves Nintendo, but also plays a lot of games on his PC. Michael also enjoys going for walks/bike rides, loves animals, and enjoys thunderstorms (and science in general). I love Nintendo but I also play a lot of game's on PC, many of which are on steam. My favorite Nintendo game's include Zelda, Metroid, and Smash Bros to name a few. On PC I love the Half-Life games, as well as most all of the Source Engine games just to name a few.