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A while back, Bandai Namco revealed a brand new, free-to-play, online action game for the Wii U tentatively titled: Project Treasure. Bandai Namco have just released a new trailer which brings with it a new title: Lost Reavers. As well as updating the official website.

Check out the trailer below:

About Lost Reavers

Enjoy cooperative online play in this Wii U-exclusive free-to-play digital game. It comes loaded with a “Multi-View Action System” not yet seen before. A new type of action game awaits. Get in on the mission now!

Lost Reavers

Bring Back Hidden Relics

The objective of Lost Reavers is to bring back “Relics,” unknown treasures hidden throughout the world. From ancient ruins to modern remains, Relics are hidden throughout various locations, and many an obstacle must be overcome in order to obtain them.

Lost Reavers 2

Unite With Friends

In order to efficiently bring back Relics, you can take on stages with friends. Provide each other cover, attack together, and take on even the mightiest of missions!

For example, the movement speed of the player carrying the Relic is slower than normal, and he cannot issue attacks. If he’s attacked, he’ll drop the Relic on the ground. If you’re protected by a friend, you’ll be able to safely clear the area.

Battle Huge Monsters

Depending on the stage and which route you choose to take, it’s possible you’ll reach a room where a huge monster awaits. These monsters are without mercy and attack intruders incessantly, but by uniting with friends, defeating the enemy is never impossible.

Lost Reavers 3

Multi-View Action System

While there are cases where the character you’re controlling specializes in shooting, you can freely switch between viewpoints through the unique “Multi-View Action System,” and from there can get a more accurate shot at the enemy without getting close.

Lost Reavers 4

Bandai Namco have also revealed that a Japanese beta test will be happening, for Lost Reavers, in the following days. No news of a western beta has been announced yet.

Are you looking forward to Lost Reavers? What’re your thoughts on its free-to-play approach? Let us know in the comments below.


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