Building Character Nanako Dojima

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Today via press release Atlus shared some screenshots and a video featuring everyone’s favorite imouto. Yea, that’s right it’s Nanako Dojima, and she has entered the fray in Persona 4: Dancing all Night. Here is some more details directly from the press release:

Nanako Dojima, the adorable younger sister (ok, technically cousin, but still) of Yu Narukami, has an important role in Persona 4: Dancing All Night! When Nanako and her dad make the trip from Inaba to see Yu, Rise and the rest of the Investigation Team perform at the Love Meets Bonds festival, she gets the chance to show off her dance moves for Rise’s manager. Before you know it, Nanako’s natural dance talent shines through, and she’s ready to take the stage!

Here are the screenshots:

This is the video of her in action:

Persona 4: Dancing all Night will launch on the PlayStation Vita on September 29th, and will include a girls’ swimsuit DLC set free for a limited time.


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