Announced via Twitter today by Producer Kenichiro Takaki the Senran Kagura series has sold one million copies worldwide.

The first entry of the franchise was released back in 2011 called, Sunran Kagura Spark!, and has since grown to include a manga, anime, and multiple other video games on multiple consoles.

This is a huge milestone for the niche franchise. We had the honor of interviewing Takaki-San at E3 2015 about his way of approaching people who might not be willing to give Senran Kagura a chance. He had this to say to fans who already support the series:

When I created Senran Kagura it was a very low budget, small game that I had the freedom to create whatever I wanted. I was originally just aiming for a small community and I wasn’t really thinking about the overseas market of US and Europe because it’s so Japanese, but now that there so many fans, I’m just overwhelmed by all the people liking the game. A game that I didn’t think people would understand outside of Japan, so now that it’s growing, I just wanted to make it bigger and more enjoyable, but at the same time keep surprising you. So thank you for supporting me.

It’s very clear he is very proud of his girls and the humbled by the fans that allow him to make his dreams a reality. Oprainfall’s owner, Steve Baltimore, very nicely did the math for you saying, “That’s two million happy boobies.”

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is out in Europe today and on Sep 15 in North America for the 3DS.

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