PlayStation Vita Feature

It was around ten months ago when Sony and the Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement for false advertising claims for the PlayStation Vita. If you happen to be an early adopter of the PlayStation Vita back when the handheld was first launched in 2012, you should check your email inbox for a message as Sony has finally distributed it out to those who were eligible to receive it. The message explains how to obtain either $25.00 or a game bundle selection. It contains instructions explaining how to cash in on the settlement and what you need to do to get a slice of the pie. The main requirement is to fill out a form contained within the electronic message. While it is not big by any means, it is at least some compensation for anyone who bought the system early because of the features promised in the advertisements and commercials not coming to full fruition back when the system first came out.

Were you an early adopter of the PlayStation Vita? Do you plan to take the $25.00 credit or the game bundle selection? or Is this something that is irrelevant to you altogether? Share us your thoughts below.


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