Pokemon ORAS Starter Pack

If for some odd reason you have been unable to purchase Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and happen to live in Europe, there is a starter box coming out October 30th for the region. There is one starter box for Omega Ruby and one starter box for Alpha Sapphire. The package is going to include a Hoenn Pokédex poster and Poké Ball case for storing three of your loose Nintendo 3DS cartridges so they are safe from harm. These options will be in stock while supplies last at various retailers. The timing of this package for the region is odd as most fans likely already have Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire with many hours spent on one of the games, but this is a good package for those who do not have either game.

Do you plan to pick up either the Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire starter box? Was this a good move on Nintendo’s part to release a starter pack months after the release of both games? Lets us know below.


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