Summon Night 5
Summon Night 5 - UMD Cover 1 Summon Night 5 - UMD Cover 3

Gaijinworks has officially announced a new contest for Summon Night 5 on Twitter. Gaijinworks is letting the fans decide the UMD cover for the upcoming physical release of the game. The rules and official explanation of the fan vote has been posted on the home page of their website:

For the first time, we’re going to bring YOU into the process of choosing the disc art variants for one of our game releases.   We’ll tweet you two possible UMD builds at a time on our official Twitter (@GAIJINWORKS), and whichever design gets the most retweets wins.  Throughout the rest of the month, we’ll be putting up new versions on Twitter for you to vote on with your retweets.  The UMDs with the most retweets at the end of the month will make it into production as the actual disc art we use!  We can’t tell you how many variants will be produced, but longtime fans will be able to have a pretty good guess – ask them on Twitter, too! 

The voting process is going to occur on Twitter. Casting your vote is as simple as retweeting one of the two designs to your Twitter page:

The design with the most retweets at the end of the month will win the contest. So go on Twitter and vote for your favorite design. Be sure to also promote your favorite design to your followers so there is a better chance of victory.

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