Majesco Entertainment recently announced that they have appointed a new CEO and that they will be cutting back on staff and shifting their focus from retail games to digital games in order to stay profitable. The company will be running with five members of staff, down from 16 in January. The smaller team and the digital focus would probably help profits, but all in all, Majesco is not doing particularly well. With the company in dire straits, it seems an odd time to announce new titles, doesn’t it?

And yet still, Majesco took this opportunity to mention a couple of new titles they are working on. In addition to a game called Glue, Majesco announced that a new A Boy and His Blob title would be released sometime within the next two fiscal quarters. It is set to launch on “All next generation consoles and in some cases, PC,” according to new CEO Jesse Sutton.

A Boy and His Blob is a puzzle-platformer franchise which received two games in the early 90s: an NES game subtitled Trouble on Blobolonia and a Game Boy game, The Rescue of Princess Blobette. The NES version was re-imagined by WayForward Technologies as a well-received Wii title in 2009, simply entitled A Boy and His Blob, and was published by Majesco Entertainment. Majesco was also responsible for publishing the NES title on the Wii Virtual Console. They have published several well-known titles like Psychonauts and Double Dragon Neon, but have found varying amounts of success in sales. Hopefully the new A Boy and His Blob finds some success, especially with the reaction of the 2009 title.


Alexander Jones
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