Gal Gun Double Peace Localization

In a matter of 48 hours since Inti-Creates announced over Twitter they were considering localizing Gal Gun 2 for a worldwide release, the feedback and response from the community was positive with many people saying yes to the game’s localization. Inti-Creates has officially announced the localization of Gal Gun II as Gal Gun Double Peace. They credit both the feedback and positive response as the driving force for the game’s release worldwide. The localization of the game is currently in the beginning stages. Gal Gun Double Peace is planned to be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Currently, Inti-Creates is looking for a publisher who would be willing to assist them and release the game worldwide. There are plenty of good publishers such as Atlus, XSeed, and Aksys. Once a publisher is set, the game’s localization should move along to a confirmed release date. Inti-Creates has stated the success of the game could potentially open the door for future games to come worldwide. As more information becomes available, we will keep you all updated to the latest news from Inti-Creates.

What is your reaction to Inti-Creates decision to localize Gal Gun Double Peace and release it internationally? Which publisher do you think should support the game’s release? Share us your reaction to Gal Gun’s upcoming worldwide debut.


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