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The Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] official website revealed on Monday that early pre-orders of the second Blu-ray set, if made before a deadline of August 10th, will include an animated short adapting the “Sunny Day” alternate ending from the original visual novel. This comes in addition to the 13 second-part episodes with English subtitles, a 50-page production booklet including staff interviews, and soundtrack and drama CDs. The drama CD includes an audio drama called “Curtain Call ~ Let Us Drive Together”. The audio drama features voices by Noriaki Sugiyama (Shirou Emiya), Kana Ueda (Rin Tohsaka), and Daisuke Namikawa (Waver Velvet). The whole package costs 35,000 yen plus tax, roughly equivalent to $282 USD, and releases on October 7th.

This is in addition to other pre-order bonuses, such as an A3-sized tapestry featuring an illustration by Takashi Takeuchi, one of the co-founders of TYPE-MOON. There are also retailer-specific bonuses from ufotable Café, Aniplex+, Animate, Sofmap, Toranoana, Amazon, Gamers, TSUTAYA, HMV, WonderGOO, Neo Wing, Getchu-ya, AmiAmi, Chara-Ani / BOOK ✰ WALKER, Bunkyodo, Animega, Bunkyodo Hobby & Animega, and Seven Net.

Fate/stay night UBW pre-order tapestry

Aniplex USA will import and sell the Blu-ray to English speakers simultaneously with the Japanese release, as they did with the first part release. In addition, an English dub was announced early in July, and the first seasont will release on limited-edition Blu-ray box set and a DVD set on August 25.


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