Street Fighter V Vega in-game

Street Fighter V Vega intro pose

Vega, to me, is a character design that’s hard to dislike. It’s so off the wall, and his depravity and vanity just add to its color. The fact that he’s a Spanish mask-wearing claw-wielding ninjutsu-trained fighter that makes these wild yowls and fights either at a distance or using his mobility in order to avoid damaging his pretty self is ridiculous in a way that’s lovable, when in my opinion many over-the-top characters can sometimes fail to have any sort of charm.

Anyway, he’s baaack. Vega is significantly overhauled this time around. It used to be that fighting without his claw just meant he was a weaker character even if you could pick up the claw off of the ground later. Now, once the claw is gone, it’s really gone for the rest of the round. However, in this game Vega also has the ability to sheathe his claw. This gives him access to different special moves including a command grab. Command grabs differ from the throws available to all fighters in that they require directional inputs, may have a variety of unique properties (some only work on airborne opponents, some might not actually damage the enemy but instead places you behind them, there are other types) and can’t be broken by inputting a universal throw command as you are thrown.

Vega’s V-Skill is the Matador Turn. It’s a sidestep that offers a followup choice to the player – counterattack, or do nothing. Doing nothing may allow better follwups than a simple counterattack, depending on what Vega’s options are. His V-Trigger is the Bloody Kiss, where he throws a rose (at incredible speed…) at the opponent, and if the rose connects, he teleports and attacks the enemy. It’s demoed quite a bit in the video below.

Vega will be playable at the upcoming Gamescom 2015 this week. For those who don’t know, Gamescom is based in Germany and is the most prominent gaming convention in the European Union. Capcom has previously revealed characters for their fighters at Gamescom before, and Vega looks to be this Gamescom’s treat.

In other news, a limited-access beta was recently held for those who preordered Street Fighter V. However a significant amount of gamers encountered problems trying to start the game up, and any sort extended access to the game was severely limited. Capcom issued an apology for the experience and closed the beta test, aiming to work out issues and look over data they’ve collected from this session. A sort of reward (to be determined) is planned for participants in this first beta test.


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