Kadokawa Games has announced that they are bringing Kantai Collection to the PlayStation Vita on November 26. KanColle Kai has been a very popular browser game in Japan for quiet sometime and has also had it’s own anime. The game features battleship girls who are named after real life battleships from history as they go on missions to find new ship girls, fight enemies, and search for materials.

The warship silhouettes and UI have all been redesigned for the the Vita, giving experienced players different ways to view the game and reason to try it on the handheld. Would having KanColle Kai on the Vita give you enough reason to step away from the browser and head out into the world to spend time with your ship girl? or do you prefer keeping her in your room? Let us know in the comments!

KanColle Kai comes to the PlayStation on Nov 26 in Japan.

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