Funimation took some time at Otacon 2015 to announce anime movies and releases they have lined up for the near future. The announcement includes: Project Itoh, Ghost in the Shell: The Movie, and Psycho-Pass: The Movie. Also announced, is the release of Speed Racer on Blu-ray which includes episode not aired in North America and Mach GoGoGo! and more!

Here is FUNimation’s Line-up:

Psycho-Pass: The Movie is getting a theatrical release in 2015.

pyscho pass

Ghost in the Shell: The Movie, headed to theaters Fall 2015

Ghost in the shell

Project Itoh, a three film project based on the novels of Satoshi Itō. Each film will be made by a different studio and director. The three projects will be named The Empire of Corpses, Harmony, and Genocidal Organ.


Assassination Classroom season 2 has been announced for 2016!


Noein will be getting a Blu-ray release this November.

82a19857bd47a8db9ff2eb55182136331437874625_full 2

The Black Lagoon is getting a Collector’s Edition available in November 2015

– Season 1 + Season 2 + Roberta’s Blood Trail OVA on Blu-ray – over 13 hours of content
– Collectible “Ammo tin” chipboard box
– 60 page full-color art book
– Black Lagoon lighter
– Black Lagoon dog tags

Black lagoon


Tokyo Ghoul is getting a Collector’s Edition for it’s season one available in October 2015

-Collector’s Box with Clear Sleeve Revealing Kaneki and Rize’s Transformation from Human to Ghoul
– Complete Season 1 in Blu-ray/DVD Combo
– Fabric Poster
– 60-page art book
– 40-page blank journal
– 4 Art Cards


tokyo ghoul



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