Nintendo TVii Shutdown
Rest in Peace Nintendo TVii. 2012-2015.

Nintendo officially posted the cancellation of Nintendo TVii on Miiverse today. The service was launched in early 2012 as a way for people to use the Wii U to search for TV shows, movies, and sporting events provided by their cable network. It also integrated social media platforms by allowing viewers to post comments. Certain events also had interfaces and real-time updates to keep the audience informed. This was especially useful for sports games where it listed stats, scores and major highlights. To some Wii U owners, this was a great feature while others saw it as a poorly integrated service that never met its potential. Anyone living in Europe never got to see the service in action because Nintendo decided to cancel Nintendo TVii’s launch in the region. I personally only used it as a companion to sports events, mainly to watch my Colts and Pacers play against the other teams in their respective leagues.

Are you sad to see the end of Nintendo TVii? Did you frequently use the service? or Was it never used on your Wii U and was only an afterthought? Share us your reactions as we bid farewell to Nintendo TVii.


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