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[UPDATE] After our article went live, Bandai Namco released the following statement regarding the cancellation of Project Cars:

Despite much perseverance on the Wii U version of Project CARS we will no longer be actively pursuing development on it as the quality does not meet our own high standards nor our intended vision for the title on this platform. We eagerly look forward to any announcement of further hardware from Nintendo but right now Project CARS is simply too much for Wii U despite our very best efforts. Apologies to our Nintendo fans out there that have been waiting for further news on this but have no desire to release a product that isn’t at the very least comparable with our highest-rated versions on other platforms. We optimistically look forward therefore to what the future may hold.

Original Story

Back in May, we reported on the troubled development of the Wii U version of Project CARS. A report officially confirmed the cancellation of Project CARS on the Wii U. For those who were waiting for the Wii U version, they will have to purchase the game on PC, Xbox One, or the PlayStation 4. The Wii U version of Project CARS was plagued with issues and was reported at one point to only 23 frames per second on Nintendo’s console. The head of Slightly Mad Studios, Ian Bell, released the following statement:

The official line is that we’re awaiting an announcement from Nintendo on new hardware. As of now Project CARS is simply too much for the Wii U.

When the game was crowdfunded, one of the goals was to release the game on the Wii U along with the other platforms in exchange for funding. Some of our readers stated they had planned to buy it on the Wii U and not on the other platforms. Now that it won’t see the light of day, work will be shifted towards the confirmed sequel. Just like Project CARS, Project CARS 2 is being crowdfunded with the World of Mass Development.

Were you surprised or not surprised by the cancellation? Do you plan to buy Project CARS on another platform or do you plan to never purchase the game?


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