Makai Shin Trillion | Title

Compile Heart has released a character trailer for their upcoming PS Vita Tactical/Simulation RPG called Makai Shin Trillion. In the game, you have to form and strengthen relationships with six women known as Demon Lords. By doing so, you can unite them against the dimension destroying entity known as Trillion. There are roguelike elements to the game as well as branching paths for different endings based on the decisions you make.

Have a look at character trailer to get a taste of exactly who you’ll be interacting with in order to win the day and bring Trillion down. The Demon Lords all appear to conform to the conventions of a standard harem anime, with each one possessing physical traits and personality quirks that drastically differentiate them from one another. The designs are very colorful and vibrant and developing bonds with them looks like it’s going to be engaging, whimsical and funny despite treading very familiar roads for a game of this type. Compile Heart knows what its fans like!

Makai Shin Trillion is scheduled for release on the PS Vita in Japan on July 23, 2015. There is no confirmed localization yet but the second we hear anything, we’ll post the news right here!


Tom Tolios
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