A rainbow appeared over Nintendo's headquarters in Kyoto on Monday.<br /> (Photo taken by Twitter user Bakatetu2, from Jujo Station in Kyoto)
A rainbow appeared over Nintendo’s headquarters in Kyoto on Monday.
(Photo taken by Twitter user Bakatetu2, from Jujo Station in Kyoto)


Nintendo has decided to cancel Camp Miiverse 2015. It had started just last week, with them posting challenges for the community. Anyone could take part as long as they owned the requisite game for a given challenge. However, Camp Miiverse 2015 has since been cancelled in honor of Nintendo’s fallen leader, Satoru Iwata. This year’s Camp Miiverse activities were scheduled to run through July 20th. In doing so, Nintendo of America released the following message to all fans.

The outpouring of support and the sharing of so many memories has been truly humbling and has helped us tremendously during a difficult time. Mr. Iwata leaves behind an amazing legacy and we will spend every day trying to honor him and what he created. Thank you for being the best fans in the world.

Camp Miiverse may be over for this year, but no doubt Iwata would still want everyone to have fun playing great games, even though we are still getting used to his absence. He will not be forgotten, and given who he was, perhaps having fun playing some of the great games he helped make a reality would be a great tribute in and of itself. The loss of Satoru Iwata will be felt in Nintendo and the game industry, as well as among fans, for quite some time. Nintendo will get through this and continue to make great games. They must, for it is what Iwata himself would want!

Nintendo may have lost a great leader and Iwata may have left big shoes to fill, but Nintendo will continue to push forward and be innovative as they always have. While Iwata may have left us, just remember this: Heroes may die, but legends live on. May you rest in peace, Satoru Iwata.


Michael Fontanini
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