Satoru Iwata
Iwata - E3 2013 Thumbs Up
There will never be another like you Mr. Iwata. Rest in peace knowing that you meant so much to so many of us and affected all our lives in some way.

The sudden passing of Satoru Iwata came as a surprise to us all. Many of us are trying to find some way to honor his memory, in addition to just trying to communicate about how we feel and articulate the impact he left on us. Sometimes though you just need to talk about things rather than write about them, and this was one of those cases. Try as I might, I found myself unable to put on paper just how much Mr. Iwata meant to this industry as well as the personal effect he had on me. As such, I decided to record something yesterday to express those thoughts and hopefully honor the memory of this great gamer and leader.



Benny Carrillo
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