Camp Miiverse 2015


Nintendo’s Camp Miiverse 2015 has begun, and it has taken over the Play Nintendo Community from July 7th – July 20th. You can find this community in the Miiverse Communities page (scroll to the bottom and you’ll find it in the special communities section). This summer’s activities are split into two teams once again (Team Yoshi vs. Team Toad). Camp instructors Amy and Tom will be posting challenges and events into this community. As you can see from the banner image above, other games will include Mario Kart 8, and plenty more.

Anyone who owns the game in question for a given event/challenge can take part in it. The Miiverse post for the first challenge states that all you have to do to participate is complete the challenge and post a screenshot to prove you did indeed complete it. You also need to include either #TeamToad or #TeamYoshi to specify which team you’re playing for.

Team Yoshi vs Team Toad
Team Yoshi vs Team Toad!


The first of this summer’s challenges are already up (they are for Splatoon and Animal Crossing: New Leaf). The Splatoon challenge involves getting a rank of Smokin’ or higher while playing online battles. This challenge is open until 10AM PT on Wednesday, July 8th. The Animal Crossing: New Leaf challenge involves catching yourself a shark. There are four types of sharks in the game: regular shark, whale shark, saw shark, and hammerhead shark. Since whale sharks are rarer, you can net your team extra points should you manage to catch one! This challenge runs until 10AM PT on Thursday, July 9th.

So, will you join Camp Miiverse 2015? Will play for Team Toad or Team Yoshi, or will you just be a spectator and root for one? Hopefully the former, because your team needs you! So get out there and help your team kick butt in all of the events and challenges of Camp Miiverse 2015!



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