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Tales of Zestiria PS4 Collector’s Edition Confirmed For North America

Tales of Zestiria Featured Image

At Anime Expo in Los Angeles today, Bandai Namco confirmed that North America would be getting a collector’s edition for their forthcoming RPG, Tales of Zestiria.  This version will only be offered for the PS4 version of the game (it’s also going to be available for PS3 and Windows) and is currently available for preorder at Bandai Namco’s online store.  The solicitation page doesn’t list the extras yet, strangely enough, but abyssalchronicles provided the details of what will be included in the collector’s edition. From their write up:

PS4 game software

Collector’s edition packaging

Celestial Record steelcase

4 Chibi Kyun Chara figures

3 pixel art rubber straps

Dawn of the Shepherd anime blu-ray

Artworks book

Music Selection CD

Collector’s Edition DLC pack

It’s not yet known what the DLC is, but it’s very likely to be the Mystic Arte and Alishia’s Story content being offered with the Japanese and European versions of the collector’s edition. The CE will set you back $129.95, but based on all the awesome goodies you get for spending your hard earned money, it looks to be worth the cost to the dedicated Tales enthusiast.

Here’s the Anime Expo 2015 trailer to get you even more hyped for this release.

Tales of Zestiria is the story of two warring nations in a land called Glenwood. Their conflict has created aggression, fear and apprehension among the populace and these combined emotions have somehow resulted in the manifestation of dangerous monsters called Hellion. The story focuses on protagonist Sorey, who wishes to become a person who can communicate with an ancient race called the Seraphim that were once abundant but have now become scarce. His purpose in doing so is to find a way to bring the Seraphim back to the world to enjoy the harmony they once had with humans ages ago in order to put an end to the Hellion and to stop the war so that people can live in peace with each other as it was in ancient times. During his quest, he will make friends, encounter enemies and learn a great deal about the world he lives in during a journey of exploration and discovery.

Tales of Zestiria will be available for PS3, PS4 and Windows (via Steam) on October 16 2015 in Europe and on October 20 2015 in North America. Remember that the Collector’s Edition is only being offered for the PS4.



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