Summon Night 5

Summon Night 5

Do you own a PSP? If so, and you love Japanese niche games, you may want to have a look at Gaijinworks’ survey. They’re working diligently in trying to gauge interest in physical copies for Summon Night 5, and if they manage to get 6000 signups for their mailing list within a month, they’ll go ahead and release a special edition for Summon Night 5 which includes a UMD and a digital code for the game. It should be noted that the digital code is good for the PS Vita as well via its ability to emulate PSP games, so you’ll have a way to play it on both handhelds. Pricing for this bundle has not yet been finalized, but Gaijinworks is aiming for $39-44, plus the cost of shipping.

[UPDATE] Gaijinworks has sent us a press release with detailed information on physical copies of Summon Night 5. The full press release can be found below.


GAIJINWORKS Summons Bandai Namco’s Strategy RPG to North America and Europe;

Launches Campaign to Gauge Player Interest in Feature-Packed Physical Copies

Redding, CA (June 29, 2015)—Independent game publisher GAIJINWORKS today released new information about its upcoming release of Summon Night 5, a critically acclaimed strategy/role-playing game playable on Sony’s PSP™ and PlayStation®Vita handheld game systems.

In addition to a planned digital release through the PlayStationNetwork, retail copies of the game may also be manufactured on PSP™ UMD™ in strictly limited-edition packaging. The physical release will happen only if players indicate sufficient interest by signing up on the front page of the GAIJINWORKS Web site at

This is the first time a mainline Summon Night title has been made available in English, and fans are really in for a treat,” says GAIJINWORKS founder Victor Ireland. “The game’s ‘Live 2D’ animation system makes the characters burst off the screen, and the ability to play the story with multiple characters adds to the replay value.”

Fans of Japanese role-playing games have always appreciated Ireland’s passion and attention to detail in localizing JRPGs and introducing them to English-speaking audiences. At his previous company, Working Designs, he pioneered the use of deluxe packaging to entice gamers with extras like lavish instruction manuals, cloth maps, accessories and bonus discs. This tradition will continue if the Summon Night 5 interest campaign reaches its goal of 6,000 pledges. Current plans call for each physical copy to include contents that have all but disappeared from video game packaging in 2015, including a full-color manual, a multi-sided case insert, a full-color UMD™ label, one of two giant 19″ x 14″ posters and a serial numbered hologram on the back of the game box. Those who purchase a physical copy will also be given a code to download the full Summon Night 5 game via the PlayStationNetwork (a necessary option for play on the PS Vita, which has no UMD™ drive). The code will also allow collectors to enjoy the game while keeping their physical copies factory sealed and minty fresh.

“The license of this top-tier RPG is a direct result of support we received from fans for Class of Heroes 2 and 2G,” Ireland explains. “And fan support of this title will allow us to close deals on even bigger RPG titles from major Japanese publishers on platforms like PS Vita, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4.”

Originally published in Japan by Bandai Namco, Summon Night 5 tells stories of the Eucross, a group of summoners who maintain order and balance between parallel worlds. The playable characters are Arca (a female summoner) and Folth (male). Both are Eucross “rookies,” but their preternatural skills and charisma allow each of them to “Cross” successfully with any of four different partners: Dyth, Kagerou, Spinel and Pariet. Players can experience as many as eight different branches and variations of the story in repeated playthroughs, with different story arcs and Cross abilities that are determined by their choice of playable character and partner.

Summon Night 5 is currently scheduled for release in the Fall of 2015. For more information, visit


GAIJINWORKS is comprised of key award-winning ex-Working Designs staff who focus on continuing a tradition of quality localization and innovative fan service for games in both the digital and physical media markets. The company’s current focus involves “rescuing” key Japanese role-playing games by bringing them to the English-speaking world before console manufacturers discontinue their support of the hardware that plays them, i.e. before the games become “trapped” in Japan forever. Recent GAIJINWORKS initiatives include exploring a digital/physical hybrid release model that satisfies collectors as well as the general fanbase for the games they release.


Summon Night 5 ©BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. English localization ©2015 GAIJINWORKS. All Rights Reserved

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You can also watch the opening trailer for Summon Night 5 below:


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