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God Eater Resurrection (PS4 & Vita), Teaser Website Announced for Japan

God Eater Resurrection
Credit for images used in this article go to the Famitsu article sourced at this writeup’s end

This week’s issue of Famitsu saw the official announcement of God Eater Resurrection, a new remake of the first God Eater game. God Eater Resurrection is slated for release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. God Eater Resurrection will be following the platform schedule chosen by Bandai Namco Entertainment for God Eater 2: Rage Burst, an expanded version of God Eater 2.

Resurrection promises some new features. New to the series is the “Predator Style” of combat, which allows players better mobility and more devouring options while fighting against the Aragami. God Eater Resurrection is graphically redeveloped from the ground up to take advantage of both of its platforms. There will also be a new story segment that bridges the events of God Eater into God Eater 2.

It’s worth noting that unlike as it is in the West, the Vita does have some power in Japan, host to a variety of moderately successful niche games including visual novels. God Eater as a franchise started out on PlayStation Portable, and the first version of God Eater 2 released on PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita (and the Vita version outsold the PSP version.)

As an aside, by now I think it’s safe to say that Japan’s development companies are starting to gather behind the PlayStation 4. Games like Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea (July 2014 in Japan,) Shining Resonance (November 2014 in Japan,) and Tales of Zestiria (January 2015 in Japan, although PS4 and PC ports were later announced) were probably some of the last RPG’s to be developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

God Eater Resurrection is set for release this winter in Japan. Bandai Namco Entertainment has put up a teaser website for the game ahead of this year’s God Eater Fes, a Japan-based convention celebrating the series. There’s not much on it except for a song from the first game and links to Famitsu and God Eater Fes information, but more will come later.

The franchise’s presence in the West is limited to Gods Eater Burst for the PlayStation Portable. Were this game to be localized, if it captures a decent audience Bandai Namco Entertainment won’t have to worry about alienating fans with changing platforms in the near future.


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