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This article was written by Arthur Augustyn

Souls creator and From Software President, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has been confusing fans of his beloved franchise by jumping ship from Dark Souls in favor of Bloodborne, only to announce this week that he’d be returning to the series for the third and final installment. However, when we got a chance to speak to Miyazaki after a behind-closed doors demo for Dark Souls III, he said that his choice of project has been out of his hands since the original Dark Souls.

Since we spoke to Miyazaki through a translator, it’s worth repeating the question asked. When we asked, “Why are you returning to the series now, and, more importantly, why did you leave in the first place?” Miyazaki responded with, “It was not my will to leave Dark Souls after Dark Souls I. It was not my will to work on Dark Souls II as a supervisor. It was not my will to work on Bloodborne. It’s also not my will to work on Dark Souls III as Director right now. That’s not to say I don’t like the things I get to make.”

Our coverage of Dark Souls III echoes his own view. No one is complaining yet. A representative from Bandai Namco added more insight on Miyazaki’s role at the company, “He’s a popular guy,” said Denny Chiu, Director of Communications & Social Media, “If we could clone him we could.” There are rumors that Miyazaki will be working as Director on another unannounced project with From Software in addition to Dark Souls III, but nothing is confirmed.

Here’s hoping Dark Souls III turns out to be more than just a clone.

Arthur Augustyn
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