Star Fox Zero
Star Fox Zero | oprainfall
There’s a few more tricks up this Fox’s sleeve.

Star Fox Zero has made a return appearance in Day 2 of the Nintendo Treehouse Livestream, with a few more details in tow.  The demo went beyond a level that is playable on the E3 show floor, Area 3, in which Fox takes out Pigma’s ship.  After completing the mission’s first phase, there is a brief transition from space to an orbiting colony’s surface. In this part of the level, you are able to transform the Arwing from the traditional flight mode to the action-platforming mech mode.

During this scene, the player is shown switching between the third-person TV view and the first-person GamePad view by pressing the Minus button.  Both screens have their advantages and disadvantages during combat, so it’s nice to see players have the option to have their preferred view on their preferred screen. Footage of the nearly 18-minute Star Fox Zero demo can be found below:

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